Yes! I want to be a Guardian of Hope and pledge my support to help children survive and thrive


You can make a difference in children’s lives – by joining ‘Guardians of Hope’, a unique UNICEF’s programme which aims to help children right from the time they are born to adulthood.  


All you need to do is pledge a fixed amount each month and join UNICEF’s continuing efforts to help millions of children in India battle malnutrition, disease, violence and exploitation.


Your monthly contribution will ensure that children thrive and develop to their full potential and will also help UNICEF in India plan and implement long-term and long-lasting solutions for them.


You can also make a one-time donation for children of India by clicking here


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Start your monthly donations now and help make a difference  In children’s lives 


Read what are donors say.....


"Though my contribution is very little compared to the amount of work being done, but I am very happy and to some extent quiet content that I am trying to fulfill my dream, which has been with me since I started my schooling. Thank You UNICEF. I am proud being an Indian and more importantly a proud human." Tushar K Chatterjee, Kolkatta

"..... I felt proud to be associated with a noble cause of helping needy children of our country. Of course I know that my contribution is significantly small. However, I am happy at least I could do this much with God’s grace. May God inspire every able citizen to come forward to contribute to this worthy program of UNICEF. Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to associate with you." Dr.Manohar Adwankar

"From the beginning it was part of life to keep aside some amount from the income for donating. It is my pleasure to give for children through UNICEF." Mr. BK Kaul, Maharashtra


For any queries and clarifications please contact us at UNICEF,

India Country office on or

call at 011-24606290 (Business hours only)