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Happy Indian children

The first month of a child’s life is the most important.

With your support, UNICEF can help more children like Rishita

Every child deserves a future, a fair chance and a childhood. That’s why UNICEF is here. We won’t give up until every child has a fair chance at a safe and happy life.

Two Indian women. One is holding a baby

Rishita’s Story

On the 30th of December 2015 little Rishita was born in a Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) in the Nalgonda District Hospital in Telangana. She was the smallest recorded baby born in India, weighing only 650 grams. Only Dr. Yadaiah and the team at the SNCU thought she could survive.

The team at the SNCU monitored Rishita and kept her warm, building her strength, and playing sounds to mimic being in her mother’s womb. Rishita survived because of this treatment. Today she is almost two and full of life. Living happily with her mother and father.

UNICEF Ambassador Rishita's mother

Rishita's Mother

Mamatha Shankar

There was no guarantee that my child would survive. She was too underweight. Dr. Yadaiah and his team gave her all the attention and care. If it was not for the Special Newborn Care Unit supported by UNICEF, my baby would not have survived.

Mamatha Shankar

How can I help?

We do all we can to help children like Rishita survive and thrive. But there are many children like her that still need our help and we need your support to help us reach every child, whoever she is or wherever he lives.

Your regular donation will help us give children in India the interventions and protection they need, when they need it. Making a donation is quick and easy. We will keep your details securely and promise never to share them with anyone.

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